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Troubleshooting sending and receiving email

If you are having trouble sending or receiving email try the following steps. If this does not work, then contact us.

  1. Carefully go through the steps once again on the Setting up Email support page. Something as simple as just entering your name instead of your full email address as your user name can cause problems.
  2. Double check your account user name and password in your mail program. The user name should be your FULL email address (ie: john@johnsmith.com). Log into your account online at http://mail.yourDomainName.com to makes sure you have the correct user name and password. If you can log in online then you have the correct information. Remember, the password is case sensitive.
  3. If you are having trouble sending email try changing your SMTP Port from 25 to 2525. Locate the option for "Outgoing SMTP Port" (It sometimes can be found under Advanced Settings, and/or in your Outgoing Email Settings). It will usually default to 25. Change this to 2525, save your settings and try again.
  4. Look in your email account settings for an option called "SSL Authentication" and make sure it is turned OFF.
  5. Look in your email account settings for an option called "SMTP Authentication" (this may have a different title depending on the software you are using, but it will be something similar and should say "SMTP" and "Authentication"). Make sure this is turned ON. You will typically need to supply your user name (enter your full email address), and your password.

Helpful Tips


iPhone IMAP setup: http://www.smartertools.com/Portal/KB/a282/how-to-configuring-an-imap-connection-for-your-iphone.aspx

Microsoft Outlook

By default Microsoft Outlook (as well as some other programs) will remove your email from the server each time Outlook grabs the message. It's a good idea to find the setting under Accounts to only delete emails from the server after a certain number of days, for example after 30 days.

More Information

For more help visit our Email FAQ Support page at www.pixelmarsala.com/support