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How can I increase traffic to my web site?

Techniques for increasing traffic to your site and increasing your page ranking on search engines such as Google is a science all its own. Here is what we recommend.

Knock on Doors

The first thing we tell our clients to do is to knock on doors to all of your business partners and ask them kindly to place a link on their site pointing to your site.


  • You should make sure the link is an active link that visitors can click on and be directed to your site.
  • The business partners you solicit for this should be relevant to your business. For example if your business is to sell chairs, a link on your car mechanic's web site will not help you. Instead you should join furniture organizations and then ask to be listed on their web site.

Pixel Marsala SEO Package

Since we get this question a lot we have decided to put together a package of what we consider to be effective techniques to increase traffic to your site. Compared to other SEO programs we have also made it affordable.

Visit our Design / SEO page for more information.