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How to check your email on the web (SmarterMail Webmail)

If Pixel Marsala hosts email for your domain then you automatically have access to your mail by simply logging in at a website using any browser. Once logged in you can do many things in addition to sending and receiving your email.

Logging into your account online

Simply point your web browser to http://mail.yourDomainName.com and log in using your full email address and your password. Do not enter "www" as part of the domain name. For example, if your domain name is www.mycompany.org you would enter http://mail.mycompany.org into your browser.

Log in using your full email address (ie., john@mycompany.org) and your password. Remember, your password is case sensitive.

Alternately you can access your webmail by visiting www.pixelmarsala.com, then click on Support, then click on the link for webmail. Login the same as described above.

Other online functionality

Some of the things you can do online to maintain your email account:

  • Change your email password
  • Check your spam folders
  • Delete emails to clear space in your account
  • Set vacation messages and auto-replies

You also have additional features such as:

  • Calendar
  • Reminders
  • Address Book
  • Task lists
  • Notes
  • File sharing within your company
  • and more!

If your account was set up as the "Primary Administrator" account for your company. When you log in on the web with this account you will have additional rights to create new email accounts, change email accounts, and disable accounts, as well as other administrator features that other users do not have.